A single API to connect tours and
activities to resellers

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Example: Connecting to GetYourGuide


Implement the OCTo Open API on your system

Use our self-service integration and testing tool

Create a new GetYourGuide connection

The gygUsername and gygPassword fields are the supplier's GetYourGuide login to https://supplier.getyourguide.com. We use these to automatically activate the connection in their account and map the products without any intervention needed by the supplier.
POST /getyourguide/connection
"name": "GetYourGuide Connection",
"gygUsername": "test@example.com",
"gygPassword": "pAssW0rd",
"backend": {
"type": "octo",
"apiKey": "ec93ca58-5b7d-4afe-9205-42983ce3ae55",
"supplierId": "5232",
"endpoint": "https://api.my-system.com/octo"


Implement self-service mapping into your system

Get a list of active product listings and what data is required for each. Present this to the supplier in an interface where they can map the GetYourGuide products with those in your system.
GET /getyourguide/mappings
"id": "606ecc83fa5c40000736d68a",
"resellerReference": "390677",
"title": "Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel: Private Tour",
"url": "https://www.getyourguide.co.uk/rome-l33/vatican-museum-and-sistine-chapel-private-tour-t390677",
"optionRequired": true,
"unitRequired": false,
"connected": false,
"productId": null,
"optionId": null,
"unitId": null

Although we're showing just 1 listing in the example above, the integration will return all listings available to the credentials provided in the 2nd step.

Map the listings to products in your system

When the supplier maps the product in your interface, you can push that to GetYourGuide and activate the connection for that product
PATCH /getyourguide/mappings/606ecc83fa5c40000736d68a
"productId": "123",
"optionId": "0"

The response will repeat the mapping request and also indicate whether the listing is now connected, if the connection fails an error will be returned instead.
"resellerReference": "390677",
"title": "Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel: Private Tour",
"url": "https://www.getyourguide.co.uk/rome-l33/vatican-museum-and-sistine-chapel-private-tour-t390677",
"optionRequired": true,
"unitRequired": false,
"connected": true,
"productId": "123",
"optionId": "0",
"unitId": null

Monitor requests and errors from your OCTO Cloud dashboard

OCTO Cloud provides a beautiful dashboard to easily monitor your request performance and handle errors gracefully.

What more to expect

Hosted in Cloudflare's Edge Network

OCTO Cloud is built using Cloudflare's Workers platform and is deployed in datacenters across 200 cities in 100 countries. This means our service is highly resilient and low-latency.

Proven at scale

Over 5,000 tickets are being sold every day through OCTO Cloud to a network of over 30 connected resellers, and that number is growing every day.

Beautiful and easy to use dashboard

See all requests in realtime with analytics on performance and errors. Get instant email notifications when things go wrong and use our repeat button to repeat the request check if its fixed.

Configurable availability caching

Let us do the heavily lifting caching your availability where necessary for faster response times to partners. The cache parameters can be configured by product and reseller or turned off completely.

In-built DDoS and rate limiting

Being built on Cloudflare's network also gives us all of Cloudflare's DDoS and rate limiting tools which we use to protect your origin servers against excessive API requests by resellers.

Automated on-boarding

OCTO Cloud's goal is to connect reseller partners in an entirely automated fashion, allowing you to go from nothing to fully connected without any human manual work.

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